Emerging blue-chip artists with solid revaluation track record and potential and reasonable liquidity expectations in auction houses in the medium term:

Artists with high demand from experimented / big collectors or wealth investors, with a centrally managed waiting list for acquiring their artworks; this facilitates the liquidity of the artwork tomorrow by having the widest possible base of potential buyers.

Artists with a measured, controlled and focused management of their offer of artworks (ideally towards a large private collection or public institution), that will benefit the collector doubly, (a) on the side of the artist’s reputational growth, which will be a support for the artistic/cultural value of the artist and will avoid potential price bubbles, and (b) due to the limitation of the work available in the primary market for new buyers/collectors/investors, which will shift demand towards the secondary market and that will allow the seller collector to better negotiate its sale, both in time terms and in pricing.

Artists that have been accepted, or there is a reasonable expectation that they may be accepted in the short/medium term, in an international auction house, this will open the range of channels through which to divest when the time comes and will increase the number of potential international buyers.


Mid-career artists that are growing in value today that have the potential of becoming emerging blue chips in the long term:

Artists with high demand from experimented collectors or venture investors; this will increase the demand potential of the artist in the upcoming years among a wealthy class experienced in art (word of mouth strategy), a step before the demand exceeds the number of works available and a waiting list begins to be managed.

Artists already acquired by experienced collectors and with solid artistic fundamentals and a recognizable seal; this is highly important at this stage, as it is a necessary condition for being an attractive artistic proposal for great collectors and wealth investors tomorrow, the future buyers of the artist (there is no established artist in history that has not have strong artistic fundamentals or a recognizable seal).

Artists that have a solid career path (unpolluted), with coherent artistic work evolution and selected dealers/galleries with whom they work in each country, in addition to having clear goals as an artist in the long term and consistency with the artistic validation actions that they develop; this will be key for being accepted in the log term in the international auction houses, milestone that will increase the liquidity possibilities of collectors tomorrow.


Young emerging artists with increasing reputation that present a mix od high value growth potential and solid career path for the next decade:

Artists that have solid artistic fundamentals, having a high level in at least one of them, as this will be the key of having high possibilities of developing their artistic validation and reputation in the next years; the artistic fundamentals is what will be valued by curators, art critics and artistic institutions to include the artists in their events.

Artists that have been already included in the collections of at least one wealth investor or experienced collector; with this fact, we will be mitigating an important risk for the growth in value and reputation of the artist as it will be more probable that the rotation of buyer type occurs in the future (from aesthetic buyer / neophyte collector to experimented collector / wealth investor).

Artists who present a robust career solidity and with a clear focus on evolution in their artistic work, who does not stagnate in a single artistic language proposal but rather a coherent development of their work is perceived with the years, maintaining the recognizable artistic stamp of the artist, his brand; this evolution of his work will interest us especially because it increases the chances that the curators will value his work more regularly and see it in a better light to propose new exhibitions in leading art centers, museums or institutions, which will be very important for the development of the validation of the artist.