The past is not silent

“The past, if lacking its own testimony, disappears. A present without a past leads to a world with no learning nor evolution. Confuncio (551-479 BC) once asserted, “study the past if you would define the future”.

Historical account perpetuates our knowledge of the past through its legacy. Thus, Historic Buildings, made by and for humans, appear to us as an essential testimony of cultural wealth. In this sense, cultural preservation can be considered the backbone of knowledge. This is the philosophy that guides our heritage projects, to help perpetuate the glory of the buildings that reflect and represent our common culture.”

Restoring the old splendor

“Restoration represents, in our vision, a way to accomplish different goals. Restoring a Historical Building allows us to bring back the old splendor of our architectural heritage. In fact, this practice involves a thorough research, source of precious knowledge and scientific records. This philosophy is rooted in our Foundation’s love, respect and humility for our glorious past as a pillar of our present.”


“Tempus Fugit. Nothing lasts forever, that is a fact. Nevertheless, Aglaia Foundation wants to do its bit to preserve the grandeur of our heritage for future generations. Our patrimony, beyond being a priceless legacy, is an element of cultural cohesion. It is not about revisiting the past, but focusing on appreciating its richness and power.”


Art, its history and restoration, are complicated matters, for which we would like to enrich the process with our approach. In our vision, the value of restoration comes from preserving the building’s old splendor while adapting it to modern life. A fertile dialogue. Architecture as an art meant to be experienced. Our duty is to bring those buildings back to life, exalting its value as historic testimony. Thus, we believe in a timeless cultural experience, without the need to travel back in time.”