About Aglaia

Our mission

Our mission is threefold.
We aim to restore the splendour and majesty of our shared heritage of the past across the world. Our duty to the preservation of culturally significant objects goes beyond the simple wish to appreciate nice things. In a world of global commercialism, our goal is to speak up for things of historical importance you cannot put a price tag on. It is a duty to a higher principle – continuity.

We aim to promote and support the promulgation of art of today among the people of today. Art is the soul of humanity, and our duty is to create a conscious community of high-value individuals who will ensure the perpetuation of this soul. By bringing together the most promising artists and people who can appreciate their work, our goal is to enable an environment where exploration of art is not a commercial process, but a rather personal one.

We aim to ensure the continuation of artistic skill into the future. It is our duty to coming generations to ensure that during our time as caretakers of the world, we don’t let humanity lose its connection to what makes us human. Our goal is to support children in beginning their artistic careers in a utilitaristic society, and to make sure young talent always has a room to grow and creativity to let loose.


Continuity – we believe it is how we treat the pieces of our past that determine what kind of human beings we are. We are here to make sure that come what may, whatever contemporary crisis or conflict there is in the world, the things that made us human centuries ago will persevere.

Familiality – we believe collectorship isn’t only about investment and commerce, but also about connection. With one’s soul, with artistic intent, with other like-minded people. All three ought to be brought together, so that even an investor’s experience of being a part of world’s artistic heritage is complete.

Exclusivity – we believe the value of an original – be it an individual, artwork or a building – cannot be copied. Everything Aglaia Foundation touches is unique and requires a private, personal approach. We respect that, just like a building requires its individual restoration plan and a painting its specific treatment, every collector has a personal taste and a need for privacy.


We are committed not to allow our increasingly culturally nihilistic era to destroy what makes the world we live in unique, beautiful, and worth living in. We hope to make a mark upon the world by making sure the most beautiful and significant footsteps of our ancestors are here for our children to see, and that our children will have learned to appreciate them just as we do.

We want to leave the world a little more conscious about its heritage than it was before. We want to spread this consciousness among our contemporaries and inspire the future generations to do the same.

Our work



Artist residences in which artists are invited to work.



Club for the patrons with access to exclusive art collections and sales.


With people

Places made for comunicate people and art by technologies.



Events and exhibitions organized with our network of museums and galleries.


And galleries

A network of museums and galleries to offer artists easier exhibiting.

New forms

Of art

Research and promotion of new forms of digital art: technologies and culture.


We intend to cooperate with public and private institutions to support the creation and cultural circulation in society and reduce the artistic fissure. The purpose is to permanently reinforce the cultural offer of the country and internationally with an art foundation that can cooperate with other institutions for art advocates and lovers.