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“Tuemur pulchritudinem per artem”
About Aglaia

The goal of Aglaia Foundation is to promote and transmit the human values of true effort leading to success, passion for art, well-supported talent and professionalism, with the aim of promoting contemporary art among all strata of our society.

We are an organization that unites personalities of the art – artists, curators and collectors – under one, sole objective: to create, moderate and curate the art created of and for our time, confirming new technologies.

The Aglaia Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, restoring, and enhancing the splendor and grandeur of the cultural and artistic heritage that we have inherited from the past. Our commitment lies in protecting and keeping alive the richness of our history and culture for present and future generations.

Furthermore, we support and promote contemporary art, recognizing its importance as a form of expression and cultural exploration that is constantly evolving. Through the promotion and support of current artists, we aim to stimulate creativity, innovation, and the development of new artistic perspectives.

Additionally, we acknowledge the significance of art education as a foundation for growth and appreciation of art in future generations. We strive to provide educational opportunities in the artistic realm, with the goal of nurturing understanding and passion for art among young individuals, thus ensuring a future where art and cultural heritage are valued and safeguarded by all. 

Be a part of the prestigious Aglaia Friends Club, a members-only community that offers a multitude of benefits. Within this exceptional club, you will have the opportunity to connect with individuals who share your passion for culture, art, and heritage.

We have created residences in which an elaborate selection of international artists can work with all their creative needs catered to.

Art is a language and a tool; it is a different and enlightening way of seeing the world.

Art is a language and a tool; it is a different and enlightening way of seeing the world.

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