Burg Oberranna is a 12th century castle on Mühltal hills in the heart of Wachau (Austria).

There is not much information, although some evidence suggests that it dates back to 1070, year in which the “Grie” family bought the castle and the Ranna area. The aforementioned family came from Bavaria and its first well-known member is Waldo vin Reun, successor of the pilgrim von GrieRauhnah, who decided that the property should belong to the Prince Count Leopold III.

After his marriage he changed his will benefiting his wife and daughter. Later, Leopold III proceeded to trial and won the case.

In 1560, Georg von Neidegg enlarged the castle to its current size and shape. During the following period, the castle often changed hands and it was eventually auctioned and became private property in 1982.

It now belongs to the noble family of Colloredo-Mansfeld, originally from MOnte Albano (Italy). One branch of the family moved to Austria at the end of the XVI century

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