Irene Pérez 


Irene Pérez (Santander, 1996) is a young visual artist based in Madrid, graduated in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. Her works are portraits reminiscent of abstract expressionism, characterized by very marked and expressive brushstrokes. With them she makes the viewer look inside, where emotions and feelings are captured. Irene has developed her work in Spain, between Cantabria and Madrid, exhibiting her work in the National Centre of Photography in Cantabria, Tabacalera in Santander and in galleries such as White Lab and Modus Operandi in Madrid, as well as in fairs such as JUST MAD.


Irene Pérez “The Modern Man” 2022 Mixed media on canvas |
200x180cm Private Collection in Madrid Exhibited at Modus Operandi Gallery (Madrid 2022)